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Back in 1990, Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody decided to build a foundry where type was made for "designers by designers", a library where type designers were given a fair and friendly offer and where type magic could happen. From the very beginning, FontFont bent the rules and crossed typographic boundaries. Within several years FontFont and its Typeboard built a successful library for all purposes, that was contemporary, experimental, unorthodox, and radical.Twenty-five years later FontFont is now one of the leading font foundries with the largest library of original, contemporary typefaces. The library is home to over 2500 FontFonts including favorites such as FF Meta, FF DIN, FF Scala, FF Dax, and FF Kievit and newbies like, FF Chartwell, FF Tundra, FF Ernestine, and FF Tisa.At the heart of what FontFont do is a heady mix of intuition, passion, a sprinkling of serendipity, an eye for detail, and a dash of attitude. From the first ever random font FF Beowolf to the release of the 196 weight superfamily FF Good in 2014, FontFont place creativity at the forefront and produces the highest quality typefaces that are technically robust and that continually innovate.
Faberfonts is an independent digital type foundry from Hungary run by Bela Frank.Foundry creates original type designs from its opening in 2010 in high-end quality and format (OpenType) as well as custom fonts, typography, lettering and graphic design.
Founded in 2008, FaceType brought you fonts like Blitzplakat™, Slug™ and Strangelove™. The foundry's name is request to face typography and type design.
Their greatest success so far is the bestselling font Ivory™.
FaceType is located in Vienna, Austria.¶
Facsimile Fonts has contributed digital versions of a number of notable display faces to the URW Library.
Fatchair is a small independent type foundry started in 1995 by designer Alan Rimmer. It has been commercially successful in the past few years with its eclectic range of fonts, from gritty, display typefaces through to legible, clean typefaces suitable for text and information displays. Among the most successful is the large Informatic family, which has sold all over the world.
Fenotype is an arctic type foundry located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Many of the typefaces in the Fine Fonts collection began as lettering for bookjackets. Page through this worthwhile collection.
Flat-it is a small type foundry established in 2005, based in Japan and run by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. After working as an architect, Ryoichi started his own foundry, his typefaces are widely being used around the world.
Fluid Fonts offers a selection of progressive and experimental display faces.
Fonts from one of the most influential independent digital font foundries.
Typefaces from FontCity contain complete Russian and Latin character sets. How handy!
Fontfabric is an independent type foundry , which was launched at the close of 2008 by designer Svetoslav Simov who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our goal is to create high-quality fonts which stand in a unique class of their own, and which will serve as a good base for any designer project whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc. We also have experience creating corporate and personal fonts.
All fonts from the URW FontForum library are fonts designed and provided by independent designers.
A popular source for new designs since 1990.
Fonthead Design Inc is the independent font foundry of Ethan Dunham. Started in 1995, Fonthead has built a solid library of contemporary display faces in an exhaustive range of styles.
Michael Hagemann has established a large collection of fonts that fit into the Western times. High noon...
Fontry West and The Fontry are a collaborative effort between James Stirling and Mike Adkins.¶
The Fontry specializes in fonts and clipart for signmakers.
"Fontschmiede is the German foundry by Frank Baranowski and Michel M. Both designers collected experiences in typography and type design for more than 15 years until they started Fontschmiede in 2008.
The foundry is looking to publish high-quality fonts, regardless if they are likely useful or rather experimental: "There is at least one special occasion for a font - and the font has to be perfect for this purpose". Fontschmiede likes to encourage font designers to join the team with fonts, experience and ideas."
Type designers, Graphic designers, Web designers, Developers, we are a new generation type foundry…We believe in the power of COLLABORATIVE CREATION.That's why we offer today original and technical fonts, co-created by new talents, to give a fresh air to typography.
Form is an award winning, London based visual branding and graphic design consultancy. Established in 1991, Our background lay predominantly in creating brand campaigns as art directors and designers for the music industry for many high profile bands.
Frajil Farms offers a handful of delicately drawn image fonts.
FS Design is a Swiss label with a neat and unique assortment of creative styles and types. All font-families are technologically state-of-the-art developments, accurately drawn and proper in their technical realization.The well developed font-families include a large amount of font styles as well as special characters of both Eastern and Western European languages, typographical ligatures and figure sets. Their accurate metrics and kerning ensure an homogenous text color.
Funny Garbage is home to several creative and amusing display faces.
Fort Foundry hails from Athens, GA and is the creation of Mattox Shuler. What began as a small interest in exploring the creation of a typeface quickly developed into a full on passion to build well-crafted type for designers to enjoy. The foundry has currently been focusing on more vintage display faces, but is looking to broaden its horizons in the near future.
Fontador is a small type foundry based in Hamburg, founded by Arne Freytag.He was born in Hamburg in 1967. In 1995, he won a scholarship to study Graphic Design at the Kunstschule Alsterdamm art school in Hamburg. As a postgraduate in 1998, he attended the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique in Paris. He has published various articles in Tipografica, etapes and the Typografische Monatsblatter. He has been working as a freelance typographic and graphic designer since 2000.Fontador is a small type foundry based in Hamburg, founded by Arne Freytag
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