Boomerang JY famille de polices

Based around the Australian boomerang, Greg Bastin’s design originally appeared on private Christmas cards and individual projects. It was formalized into a font in 2002 by David Philpott (JY Circles) and brings a quirky antipodean style to the JY&A Fonts range. This display family is available in Solid and Outline forms, the latter containing patterns that parody those of Aboriginal culture.

Boomerang JY

Boomerang JY

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Std / OT CFF

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21 langues.

Détails techniques
Type de contours OpenType:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Noms techniques des fontes:
Nom du fichier: Boomerang JY Outline.otf
Nom du menu Windows: Boomerang JY
Nom PostScript: BoomerangJY-Outline
Nom PostScript complet: Boomerang JY Outline
Numéro de catalogue:
39 US$
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