Isla famille de polices

Conçue par Alfredo Graziani
Alejandro Paul
Isla Family was designed by Alfredo Graziani and Alejandro Paul. Eugene Grasset, the popular 19th-century Swiss graphic designer, dabbled in a multitude of disciplines such as ceramics, furniture, tapestry, jewelry and stamp design. Known mostly for his commercial posters and illustrations, he left a legacy of design that still fascinates scholars and professionals alike.One of the rarely mentioned Grasset treasures is the italic he designed in 1898 for use in two of his posters. Grasset’s italic has an irregular quality that makes it seem much older than it is.It can be a very meaningful face in many contexts, such as map-related design or historical publications. Isla was digitized by Alfredo Graziani and completed by Alejandro Paul, maintaining the utmost respect for its historical flavor.The typeface includes a wealth of ligatures and alternates.

Isla Regular


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Nom du fichier: Isla.ttf, Isla-Extra.ttf
Nom du menu Windows: Isla, Isla
Nom PostScript: Isla-Extra, Isla-Regular
Nom PostScript complet: Isla-Extra, Isla-Regular
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