Graffiti Classic famille de polices

Conçue par Robert Arnow en 2010

À propos de Graffiti Classic famille de polices

Graffiti Classic is a graffiti font that blends the improvisational urban quality of graffiti with the smoothness and regularity of a typeface. Growing up in Brooklyn, graffiti appeared to me as an explosion of expression and color in a sea of concrete. Inspired, I became a graffiti artist and practiced in both notebooks and subway tunnels. While I moved on to somewhat more traditional art forms in future years, with Graffiti Classic I pay homage to my artistic roots in a calligraphy marker/tag font. Like my other fonts, the entire Graffiti Classic font is spaced letter to individual letter so that the spacing will work smoothly, in spite of the expressiveness and irregularity of the forms. The Graffiti Classic family also includes an ornaments font, “Taglets,” which has clouds, underlines, arrows, crowns, halos and more to add flavor to your designs.

Graffiti Classic

Graffiti Classic

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