Stevens Titling™ famille de polices

Conçue par Ryuichi Tateno en 2011
John Stevens en 2011

À propos de Stevens Titling™ famille de polices

Stevens Titling™, a collaborative work of the both calligraphers John Stevens and Ryuichi Tateno, is a suite of four fonts: Sable Brush, Badger Brush, Boar Brush, and Wolf Brush. The most formal is Sable Brush, its forms precise and with almost no hint of the brush, the handdrawn.
The Sable Brush variant also comes with a set of small capitals for beautiful, classical titles. An excellent alternative to the much overused Trajan™. Would excel anywhere you'd like to evoke the classical, refined, and elegant.
In the other three styles, the brush strokes are increasingly more evident. These varieties mean that Stevens Titling is all the more versatile, and would be fitting in everything from very formal invitations, through to identity and even posters and advertising.
Also, the individual fonts in the Stevens Titling family are not unfoundedly named after animals. The particular animals - the badger, boar, sable and wolf - are symbolic along with the attributes of their hair for the character of each section's brush stroke. The Badger font is firm and compact. The Boar is stalwart. The Sable is fine and elegant. And the Wolf is strong and shaggy.?
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Stevens Titling™

Stevens Titling

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