ITC Silvermoon™ famille de polices

Conçue par Akira Kobayashi en 1998

À propos de ITC Silvermoon™ famille de polices

ITC Silvermoon was designed by Akira Kobayashi in the style of the advertisements of the 1920s. Art Deco was the artistic movement which marked the years between the two world wars, combining elements of Jugenstil, futurism and east Asian influences. This font carries on in that tradition. The small, high reaching figures with their elegant forms and reserved but distinguishing loops give Silvermoon its unmistakable look. Kobayashi designed this font in two weights, regular and bold. To retain the elegance of the bold weight, the consistent stroke width of the regular weight was exchanged for contrasting strokes. This gives the weight more weight without detracting from its grace. The nostalgic, romantic ITC Silvermoon is best used for headlines and short texts in point sizes of 12 and larger.
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ITC Silvermoon™

ITC Silvermoon

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