Oronteus Finaeus famille de polices

Conçue par Alex Kaczun en 2010

À propos de Oronteus Finaeus famille de polices

The Oronteus Finaeus map, published in 1531, shows Antarctica before it was discovered" and how it looked ice-free. There is still much controversy about the validity of the map, but I was intrigued by the letter forms which appeared on the map itself. I used the typeface appearing on the map as a visual guide in developing my design for 'Oronteus Finaeus' regular and old style figures. I liked that it reminded me of old maps, exploring and adventure. Definitely oldish and roughish in character. This new font is perfect for all those old style and antique applications, or for that vintage typography look."

Oronteus Finaeus

Oronteus Finaeus

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