ITC Orbon™ famille de polices

Conçue par James Montalbano en 1995

À propos de ITC Orbon™ famille de polices

ITC Orbon font is the work of New York designer James Montalbano, inspired in part by a demo of black letter calligraphy in which letters were created out of only four or five basic strokes. I combined that idea with the notion of taking historical forms like German gothic blackletter and progressively paring them down to achieve a futuristic version, as if this old form naturally evolved over several hundred years to arrive at its post-modern incarnation." Text should be set in point sizes of 20 and higher for optimal legibility. ITC Orbon is a highly condensed font with unique, oblong shapes which are ideal for a number of display applications."
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ITC Orbon™

ITC Orbon

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