Always famille de polices

Conçue par Anton Scholtz en 2010

À propos de Always famille de polices

Always is an elegant script font in four styles. "Always" makes full use of extravagant ascenders and descenders, giving the font a generous, opulent appearance. To use the font to its best advantage, we suggest that the user allows a generous line spacing. (For example: use multiple line spacing of no less than 1.3 when using the MS Word application). "Always" comes in four styles, light, regular, black and fat, giving the user enough variety for all possible uses. Use a combination of styles for product branding, book covers, greeting cards, wedding media, women's advertising media. The "Always" combination will enable you to use different styles of the same font for headings, sub-headings and body text. "Always" makes use of opentype features and includes a number of automatic and discretionary ligatures, giving the font a varied, handwritten effect. "Always" contains over 283 characters - (upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals, symbols and accented characters are present) as well as characters for ligatures and alternate characters. It has all the accented characters used in the major European languages."
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