1871 Dreamer famille de polices

Conçue par Gilles Le Corre
Inspired from Well known poet Walt Whitman's hand.

1871 Dreamer Script Normal

1871 Dreamer

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Std / OT CFF

supporte au moins

21 langues.

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CFF - PostScript-Outlines
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Nom du fichier: 1871 Dreamer Script.otf
Nom du menu Windows: 1871 Dreamer Script
Nom PostScript: 1871DreamerScriptNormal
Nom PostScript complet: 1871 Dreamer Script Normal
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Standard Ligatures

Tag: liga

Function: Replaces a sequence of glyphs with a single glyph which is preferred for typographic purposes. This feature covers the ligatures which the designer/manufacturer judges should be used in normal conditions. The glyph for ffl replaces the sequence of glyphs f f l.

Contextual Alternates

Tag: calt

Function: In specified situations, replaces default glyphs with alternate forms which provide better joining behavior. Used in script typefaces which are designed to have some or all of their glyphs join. In Caflisch Script, o is replaced by o.alt2 when followed by an ascending letterform.