Linotype Syntax® Lapidar Display famille de polices

Conçue par Hans Eduard Meier en 2000

À propos de Linotype Syntax® Lapidar Display famille de polices

Modeled on the writings chiseled in stone in the second century B.C., Syntax™ Lapidar is an energetic, spirited typeface designed by Hans Eduard Meier in 2000. Linotype Syntax Lapidar Text and Linotype Syntax Lapidar Serif Text have five weights each, with both cap and lowercase letterforms. Lapidar Display and Lapidar Serif Display also have five weights each, with mostly all cap letterforms and many alternates. It's a terrifically fun and inventive family, and if you look closely, you can see the resemblance to the more modern and restrained Syntax™ relatives. Great for menus, artist books, travelogues, or advertising - and if used very sparingly, it could add just the right element of lapidary significance to corporate documents.
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Linotype Syntax® Lapidar Display

Linotype Syntax Lapidar Display

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