Vialog® famille de polices

Conçue par Werner Schneider en 2002
Helmut Ness

À propos de Vialog® famille de polices

Vialog is a large and versatile sans serif family consisting of four weights of roman with corresponding italics, each with small caps and Old style Figures, released by Linotype in 2002. Designers Werner Schneider and Helmut Ness based the concept for Vialog on the forms in Euro Type," an unpublished type designed by Schneider in 1988 for the German Federal Transportation Ministry. For Vialog, Schneider made comprehensive legibility studies of the existing European transportation fonts, and combined and adapted the best features to make a new information system font family. He fine-tuned Vialog's characters and spacing with a special regard to the legibility problems of transportation settings, such as viewing type at distances and while moving. For example: cap I, J and lowercase i, j are common legibility problems in sans serif fonts, so in Vialog, these characters have serifs. In addition to its usefulness to the transportation industry, the Vialog family confidently meets the needs of corporate design and branding systems with its space-saving attributes for text settings, as well as the large number of weights and styles."
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Dessinateurs de fontes: Helmut Ness
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