Linotype Univers® famille de polices

Conçue par  Adrian Frutiger en 1999
Linotype Design Studio

À propos de Linotype Univers® famille de polices

Linotype Univers™ is a completely reworked version of the original Univers Univers typeface family designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1957. After a long process of painstakingly detailed revision, Frutiger and the design staff at Linotype completed this large joint project in 1997. The result: a brilliant and cohesive font family of 63 weights and styles including the 4 monospaced typewriter weights. All the existing weights were completely redrawn, with careful attention paid to making the proportions more consistent with each other and improving fine details such as curves and thick-to-thin stroke ratios. The family was expanded from 27 to 63 weights, providing a much larger framework to graphic designers for choosing just the right style. The bold and condensed weights were reworked for improved legibility and on-screen application. The stroke weights were revised for consistency within each face as well as in relationship to the other weights. By following Frutiger's original designs, the humanist character of the sans serif Univers now comes through more distinctly. The systemized numbering system has also been updated. With its sturdy, clean forms Univers can facilitate an expression of cool elegance and rational competence. In fact, the strong familial relationships between all the styles and weights make it a serviceable choice for large graphic design projects that require versatility with consistency. Frutiger was successful in staying true to his initial aims; the new Linotype Univers does indeed work in longer texts as well as for display settings. In 2010 the typeface family was extended and renamed into a more logical naming of ""Univers Next"" to fit better in the Platinum Collection naming.
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Linotype Univers®Linotype Univers®

Les fontes d’ordinateurs de bureau sont conçues pour être installées sur un ordinateur et avec des applications. Une licence par ordinateur.
Les fontes Web sont utilisées avec la règle CSS @font-face. Elles bénéficient d’une licence couvrant un nombre déterminé de pages consultées et valable sans limite de temps.
Les polices d’applications sont adaptées à l’intégration dans les applications mobiles. La licence est valide pour respectivement une application et repose sur le nombre d’installations de l’application.
Les fontes pour publications électroniques peuvent être intégrées à un eBook, à un e-magazine ou à un e-journal. Ces fontes sont mises sous licence à chaque numéro.
Les fontes pour serveurs peuvent être installées sur un serveur ou p. ex. être utilisées par des processus automatisés afin de créer des éléments. Chaque serveur possède une licence valable un an.
Linotype Univers

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