Redwood famille de polices

Conçue par Canada Type Design
Rebecca Alaccari en 2007


Font Designer: Rebecca Alaccari, 2007
The dynamic, vibrant Redwood brush font from Rebecca Alaccari is based on Willard Sniffin’s historical Raleigh Cursive from 1929. Slightly slanting letters, extended line entries and endings, and uppercase letters with large sweeps determine the character of this font, very popular in its time.
The closed a, a single-story, open tail g and an f with crossbar emphasise its character as a cursive font. The large ascenders and the drop-shaped points over i and j are also distinctive.
Swash uppercase letters provide a second set of capital letters. Large sweeps, usually with a characteristic point, give the Redwood font an almost floral appearance.
Use the unique combination of strength, grace and elegance of the Redwood calligraphic font for your layouts.

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
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