Silentium® famille de polices

Conçue par Jovica Veljovic en 2000

À propos de Silentium® famille de polices

Based on 10th century Carolingian scripts, Silentium Pro sparkles with a quiet but ebullient sense of the human hand. As a multi-featured Adobe Originals OpenType family, Silentium includes myriad alternate forms, ligatures, and titling characters that add an air of tasteful liveliness to contemporary graphic design and typography. Designed by Yugoslavian calligrapher and type designer Jovica Veljović, Silentium works well in both display sizes and text setting as small as 8 points. Silentium is the Latin word for silence, a discipline commonly practiced in the medieval European monasteries and court scriptoria where the Carolingian script flourished. Now, more than ten centuries later, Silentium Pro brings the fluid energy of their work to contemporary design and typography.
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