ITC Library OpenType Edition

Celebrating more than 35 years of design excellence, International Typeface Corporation introduces the ITC Library, OpenType Edition. With new OpenType versatility and over 100 new typefaces to choose from, this library is a perfect blend of classic text and innovative display designs. The CD contains 1,300 OpenType files, which together equal the character sets that would have been found in 1,650 traditional font files, including 100 new releases and over 650 styles not found in any other collection. Prominent designs include the widely used ITC Franklin Gothic™, ITC Stone®, ITC Officina®, and ITC Conduit™ families. ITC Resavska™, ITC Tactile™ and ITC Stone® Humanist highlight a batch of stunning new releases. This product is delivered with a 10 CPU / 1 printer license, but is also available with a 20 CPU / 2 printer license.

This product is shipped with a 10 CPU/1 printer license, but is also available with a 20 CPU/2 printer license. A catalog with 156 pages is part of the delivery.
Alternatively, the catalog may be ordered individually for 10 USD/EUR.

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