Renner™ Antiqua famille de polices

Conçue par Patrick Strietzel en 2008
Paul Renner

À propos de Renner™ Antiqua famille de polices

First published in 1939 by Stempel, Renner Antiqua is a classic serif text typeface. Designed by Paul Renner, the father of Futura, this design stands out as strikingly different from his other designs. The letterforms are relatively compact and space saving and the strokes have a strong contrast to look as if made by a pen. This design is extremely distinctive and individualized, but without being overly distracting. Notice many of the small details such as the serifs on the uppercase C, E, and L and the bar at the top of the uppercase A. Also observe the special curve in the bowl of the lowercase b, the dot of the i, and the tail of the y. This design is wonderful for extended amounts of text at 10pt, but the subtle details will be fully appreciated when used larger for titles and display settings.
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Renner™ Antiqua

Renner Antiqua

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