Zebrawood™ famille de polices

Conçue par Kim Buker Chansler en 1994
Carl Crossgrove en 1994
Carol Twombly en 1994

À propos de Zebrawood™ famille de polices

Zebrawood font is a joint work of the typeface designers K.B. Chansler, C. Crossgrove and C. Twombly, who also designed Rosewood, Ponderose and Pepperwood together. Like its relatives, Zebrawood also displays a kind of Wild West character. Its style can be traced back to the Toscanienne typefaces which appeared in advertisements and on signs at the end of the 19th century. Typical of this capital alphabet are the split serifs and robust base forms, which emphasize the typeface's decorative character. Zebrawood is, like Rosewood and Schwennel, meant as a bicolor font, meaning that the weight Zebrawood fill complements the inner spaces of Zebrawood regular. When used carefully in headlines, Zebrawood font will be sure to attract attention.
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Dessinateurs de fontes: Kim Buker Chansler
Dessinateurs de fontes: Carl Crossgrove



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