Transport™ famille de polices

Conçue par Franko Luin en 1994
The idea of Transport originates from text found on the large wooden boxes used for transport. Such text is still stencilled on them in the same way as the companies have done for decades, at least. That explains the typeface's name, too.
If you find some similarities with Devin, you are right. Transport is nothing other than a special variant of Devin. But since the two are aimed for totally different uses, I decided to use two different names for them.
Transport is a mecane and its use is primarily as a headline typeface. But in small quantities it can be used even for body setting, if special effects are desired.
Transport was released in 1994.

Transport Bold


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Nom du fichier: TransBol, TransBol.afm, Transport
Nom du menu Windows: Transport
Nom PostScript: Transport-Bold
Nom PostScript complet: Transport Bold
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