Scotch Roman™ famille de polices

Conçue par A. D. Farmer Foundry en 1904
Frederic W. Goudy en 1904

À propos de Scotch Roman™ famille de polices

Scottish typefounders exerted a strong influence on the development of transitional" typefaces, the bridge from "oldstyle" (Jenson, Garamond) to "modern" (Bodoni, Didot) designs.
Scotch Roman designs were first cut by Englishman Richard Austin and cast by the Scottish typefounder Alexander Wilson and Son in Glasgow.
Scotch Roman font has wide proportions, short descenders, bracketed serifs, and large, strong capitals. Its subtle charm makes it suitable for any text setting, particularly books and magazines."
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Dessinateurs de fontes: A. D. Farmer Foundry

Scotch Roman™

Scotch Roman

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