Memento™ famille de polices

Conçue par Franko Luin en 1993
Memento is a 1993 design of the type artist Franco Luin, the creative mind behind a variety of types, for instance, Venus and Griffo Classico.
Memento's high x-height allows it to be legible even in small point sizes. It is distinguished by its tiny triangular serifs, a characteristic reminiscent of the Dutch types of the 17th century. Memento is an extremely legible typeface with a classical touch. It is available in four different weights with corresponding italics and small caps. This range of weights along with its classic, neutral look makes it a versatile typeface which can be used in anything from books to corporate design to magazine typography.

Memento Bold Italic


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Nom du fichier: MemenBolIta, MemenBolIta.afm, Memento
Nom PostScript: Memento-BoldItalic
Nom PostScript complet: Memento Bold Italic
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