DearJoe 4 famille de polices

Conçue par JJW van der Ham

DearJoe 4 Smooth Pro Smallface

DearJoe 4

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TTF - TrueType-Outlines
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Nom du fichier: dearJoe4_SmoothPRO_SF.ttf
Nom du menu Windows: dearJoe_4_Smooth_Smallface
Nom PostScript: dearJoe_4_Smooth_Smallface-Regular
Nom PostScript complet: dearJoe_4_Smooth_Smallface
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49 US$
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Contextual Alternates

Tag: calt

Function: In specified situations, replaces default glyphs with alternate forms which provide better joining behavior. Used in script typefaces which are designed to have some or all of their glyphs join. In Caflisch Script, o is replaced by o.alt2 when followed by an ascending letterform.