Linotype Sansara™ famille de polices

Conçue par Grégoire Poget en 1999

À propos de Linotype Sansara™ famille de polices

Linotype Sansara, from Swiss designer Grégoire Poget, is part of the TakeType Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contest 1999 for inclusion on the TakeType 3 CD. This fun font is a type experiment behind whose oriental facade hide Arabic letters, recognizable only at second glance. This font displays generous, pointed ascenders and descenders as well as a bar-like emphasis on the upper third of the figures which connects lines and words and gives them a decorative look. Linotype Sansara reveals an astounding variety of details which bring to mind 1001 Arabian Nights, flowing gowns and snake charmers. This font is best for display in point sizes of 14 or larger.
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Dessinateurs de fontes: Grégoire Poget

Linotype Sansara

Linotype Sansara

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