Linotype Fehrle Display® famille de polices

Conçue par Erich Fehrle en 1976

À propos de Linotype Fehrle Display® famille de polices

Erich Fehrle designed this robust alphabet for headlines and titles in 1976. The constructed figures of Linotype Fehrle Display were built on the geometric form of the rectangle.
Lines of text look closed and compact.
The letter forms are the result of fine open spaces.
Design-specific characteristics of Linotype Fehrle Display are its serif-like additions to the strokes of the figures a, c, G or M, and the alternating rounded and angular outlines of the figures a, e, s and others.
Typefaces similar to Linotype Fehrle Display: Bigband, Frutiger 95.
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Linotype Fehrle Display

Linotype Fehrle Display

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