Expectation™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Guido Bittner/2003

Acerca de Expectation™ Familia tipográfica

Making a Christmas card takes a lot of work! Finding the right typeface can be tough, too. Have you ever spent hours searching for the right one? Well, in 2003, instead of spending hours searching, German designer Guido Bittner made his own. Expectation was first used on the Christmas card for Bittner's Wiesbaden design studio.

This delicate series of letters maintains a handwritten feel, in part because it began as a digitalization of Bittner's own handwriting. Expectation Swash includes additional swash letters, which can be paired with regular version of Expectation to create superior effects. Perhaps it is already time for you to begin working on next year's holiday cards. Let these fonts be the starting port for your inspiration!

Expectation was a winner in the 2003 International Type Design Contest, sponsored by Linotype GmbH.
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