Frutiger® Next Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Adrian Frutiger/2000
Linotype Design Studio/2000
Frutiger Next is Adrian Frutiger's and Linotype's completely new interpretation of the well known typeface Frutiger released in 2000. For these revised forms, the areas of application are almost limitless. Frutiger Next can be used for anything from office communications to multimedia to complex printed materials. The Frutiger Next family contains small caps, oldstyle figures, and other figure options in every font. Adrian Frutiger's eponymous typeface has been used for decades, everywhere from airport signage to book text to corporate logos to the smallest web graphics. The Italics in the original version of Frutiger were based very closely on the Roman forms; in Frutiger Next, they have been re-designed to be true Italics.

Frutiger® Next

Frutiger Next

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Nombre del archivo: LT_52651.afm, LT_52651.inf, LT_52651.pfb, LT_52651.pfm
Nombre del menú Windows: Frutiger Next LT CE Light
Nombre PostScript: FrutigerNextLTCE-Light
Nombre PostScript completo: Frutiger Next LT CE Light
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