Decima Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Ramiz Guseynov/2008

New font releases in August 2014

Serif and headline typefaces with a story to tell

A small selection of the new arrivals this month shows, among other things, large sans serif font families, unconventional headline fonts and fantastic calligraphy. Get to know these exciting new designs and let these fresh fonts inspire you for your next project.

Zulia (Sudtipos)

In Zulia Joluvian combines two of his favorite calligraphic styles: cursive shapes and brush fonts. With the aid of Alejandro Paul, the result is a diverse font that demonstrates enormous contrast in the weights and contains numerous letter alternatives (818 characters).

Core Deco (S-Core)

Inspired by poster fonts from the Art Deco era at the start of the twentieth century, Core Deco from Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm and Min-Joo Ham has various layer styles, which enable you to create colorful font effects.

Core Magic (S-Core)

The robust slab serif Core Magic from Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm and Min-Joo Ham was designed as an upper-case font and has numerous layer styles in order to create various 2D or 3D color effects.

Dina Stencil (TipografiaRamis)

Dina Stencil from Ramiz Guseynov not only has the bridges typical of a stencil font, but also substitutes angles for curves in some letters, which emphasizes the technical character of the designed font.

Decima/ Decima Mono (TypografiaRamis)

The letters of the designed sans serif Decima by Ramiz Guseynov have a very technical character in the upright styles. Elements of a handwritten font, which are expanded in the cursive, add an interesting contrast. Decima is available in three weights. A second variant, Decima Mono, picks up on the shapes of Decima but is designed so as to be monospaced.

Aspira (Durotype)

The shapes of the geometrical sans serif Aspira from Ben Blom are based on the specifications of DIN 1450 for accessible reading. A number of letters have alternative characters that are designed so as to rule out confusion. Aspira is available in numerous styles with various weights and letter-spacings.

Sergio (Fontyou)

Large, triangular serifs characterize Sergio from Julia Joffre. Thanks to its very large x-height, the font is also perfectly legible in the smaller sizes, while the individuality of the font is fully on display in headline sizes. Sergio appears at once rough and friendly, historic and modern. You will love this diverse and well-equipped font, as well.

Cabrito (insigne)

Jeremy Dooley originally designed this font for a children’s book that he illustrated for his son. Cabrito is designed for optimal legibility. To this end, it recalls elements of the Bookman Old Style and combines them with handwritten influences. The result is a friendly and lively font.

Abbey Road (Nick’s Fonts)

Abbey Road from Nick Curtis. appears somewhat mysterious and fabulous. Curved shapes and a large degree of contrast in the weights recall to some extent the typography of the early twentieth century.

Aint Baroque (Nick’s Fonts)

As an interpretation of Baby Teeth from Milton Glaser, the very bold and playful letters of Aint Baroque from Nick Curtis recall the psychedelic typography of the 1970s.

Are You Shaw (Nick’s Fonts)

The decorative Are You Shaw from Nick Curtis, designed entirely of lines, is most effective in the larger font sizes.

Fordor Incised (Nick’s Fonts)

Fordor Incised from Nick Curtis is a reinterpretation of the Black Letter Tudor Black. Equipped with a strong inline, this solid font exudes splendor and elegance.

Plus de Vagues (Nick’s Fonts)

Plus de Vagues from Nick Curtis is a living and organic font, which seems unable to decide whether it wants to be an Antiqua or a calligraphic script. With its playful character, it speaks of a fantasy world of heroes, castles and challenging quests.


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