Kismet™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por John F. Cumming/1879

Acerca de Kismet™ Familia tipográfica

Kismet has the look of a modern, ornamental alphabet, but looks are deceiving: the typeface was designed by John F. Cumming in 1879. The basic forms are strictly constructed, most based on the form of a circle, a shape which also appears again and again in the ornamentation. Cumming decorated his figures generously with spiral elements and tiny circles in the middle of the letters. Characteristics which suggest the beginning of the Jugendstil are the floral designs and some individual forms, for example, T, M or P. Small, pointed serifs add a sobering element to all the flowery, oriental decoration. Used sparingly in headlines, the extravagant Kismet will be sure to attract attention.
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