Transitore Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Ricardo Marcin/2011
Erica Jung/2011
Transitore is a lively hand-drawn font with loads of alternates and ligatures which, managed by advanced OpenType features, help create a convincing handcrafted look. The contextual alternates feature automagically substitute glyphs on the fly providing a cool random effect, while the discretionary ligatures funcionality bring on witty interlocks and curly elements. Turn on both and multiply the possibilities! But wait; there’s more! This font also brings a handy set of swashes for adding that extra special touch. And yet, there are three supplementary fonts: Transitore Color A and Transitore Color B work as stackable layers for easily adding colors, while Transitore Splashes delivers irresistible splashes of ink. This family is a smart and complete toolbox that offers endless ways to style your text compositions.

Transitore Splashes


Detalles técnicos
Tipo de curvas OpenType:
TTF - TrueType-Outlines
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Nombre del archivo: TransitoreSplashes.ttf
Nombre del menú Windows: Transitore Splashes
Nombre PostScript: TransitoreSplashes
Nombre PostScript completo: Transitore Splashes
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