ITC Wisteria™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Michael Stacey/1995

Acerca de ITC Wisteria™ Familia tipográfica

Wisteria was designed by Michael Stacey and appeared in the ITC library in 1995. It is a robust script font with doubled strokes which look as though they were written with a broad split pen tip. The figures are both energetic and rich in contrast. Such typefaces became popular in the 1930s and were distinguished by the informal sketchiness atypical of calligraphic alphabets. Wisteria has both the grace of a calligraphy font as well as the brusqueness caused by its sharp-edged stroke endings. This contrast makes the overall image interesting and lively. Wisteria is best used for headlines and short texts in point sizes of 14 and larger.
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Michael Stacey

ITC Wisteria

ITC Wisteria

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