Sans Fractions Vertical Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Tom Schmidt/1991
SansFractions is a Helvetica/Arial-like fractions font. It comes in TrueType and PostScript Type 1 formats for Macintosh and Windows. Includes a complete set of fractions from 1/2 to 8/9, plus 16ths and 32nds in both vertical and diagonal orientation. Math symbols included also. These fonts are used in the production of several newspapers and magazines, including the Knoxville (Tennessee) News-Sentinel, Colorado Springs (Colorado) Gazette, and the AARP magazine. They have been featured in books and magazines around the world, including MacAddict, Macworld, MacUser (Japan), Macworld France, and HyperLib (Japan).

Sans Fractions Vertical Plain

Sans Fractions Vertical

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Nombre del archivo: SansFractions, SansFraPla
Nombre PostScript: SansFractionsPlain
Nombre PostScript completo: SansFractions Plain
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