Ibis Display Compressed Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Cyrus Highsmith/2010

Acerca de Ibis Display Compressed Familia tipográfica

It is maybe my most conventional typeface, reflects Cyrus Highsmith, thinking back to what led him to draw Ibis. He had noticed in Font Bureau's library that nearly all the Modern typefaces were of a 19th-century origin. "Ibis is also a Modern, but with a different flavor. It's got a bit of Melior in it along with a bit of Walbaum. I have to admit, those might not sound like great ingredients, but I like the result nevertheless." The result is a readable and versatile series with open interiors, slightly squared forms, and deliberate slab serifs in this deliciously upbeat Modern. Ibis Text and Display can be used together, or mixed with an industrial sans serif like Titling Gothic or Benton Sans, or paired with a slab serif like Giza or Dispatch. "The text also looks pretty cool at headline sizes - nice and chunky," says Highsmith. Ibis was a unique typographic adventure for Highsmith, and the font itself evokes a sense of the experimenter - one can imagine it used in a scientific trade magazine for rocket design, or for a cookbook with rich fusions of flavor."

Ibis Display Compressed

Ibis Display Compressed

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