ITC Luna™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Akira Kobayashi/1998

Acerca de ITC Luna™ Familia tipográfica

ITC Luna is the work of Japanese designer Akira Kobayashi. He turned to the designs of the 1930s for his inspiration for both ITC Luna and ITC Silvermoon. Luna is designed to fill the gap between a pure Art Deco display face and an ordinary text face," says Kobayashi. "It has an Art Deco style but is still fairly easy to read. It can be used in short passages of text. As for individual characters, I especially liked the distinctive O, shaded only on one side. Lowercase a and g are also unusual, but they are somehow legible enough in text matter." And for a finishing touch on his Luna, Kobayashi added the charming moon face as an extra character."
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Akira Kobayashi

ITC Luna™

ITC Luna

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