ITC Goudy Sans® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por ITC Design Staff/1986
Frederic W. Goudy/1929

Acerca de ITC Goudy Sans® Familia tipográfica

Frederic W. Goudy designed three weights of this friendly-looking sans serif font from 1922-1929 for Lanston Monotype in the United States. Goudy was attempting to impart freedom and personality to the sans serif form at a time when geometric sans serifs, such as Futura, were gaining rapid world-wide popularity. To achieve this challenging goal, he looked to lapidary inscriptions and manuscript writing for inspiration. He included elements such as slight swellings of terminal strokes, slab serifs on a few of the caps, alternate uncial forms, and a few swash strokes. The result is uniquely Goudy: charming, instinctive, and just right for adding warmth to magazine or advertising layouts. The design staff at ITC updated and filled out the family for a total of eight styles in ITC Goudy Sans.
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