ITC Dartangnon™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Nick Cooke/1998

Acerca de ITC Dartangnon™ Familia tipográfica

ITC Dartangnon is a work of English designer Nick Cooke and began with the thought, It's a long shot but it might just work as a font." It started as a doodle with a chunky pencil. "So many script fonts look too stylized so I thought I'd try to produce one that looks more like handwriting." He scanned the doodles and used Fontographer to draw a set of monoline letters. "Working quickly I soon drew the whole alphabet, and without being too pedantic about the characters joining exactly, I arrived at this script." ITC Dartangnon is an energetic font which remains legible even in small point sizes. And, Cooke adds, "It is supposed to be used as upper and lowercase only, NEVER just caps."
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Nick Cooke

ITC Dartangnon

ITC Dartangnon

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