ITC Coconino™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Slobodan Miladinov/1998

Acerca de ITC Coconino™ Familia tipográfica

ITC Coconino is the work of Serbian designer Slobodan Miladinov. His original inspiration for this monostroked typeface was the idea of translating certain auditory impressions into type, in this case, the surprising and confusing music of the Serbian hip hop musician Voodoo Popeye." Miladinov is an art director in Belgrade and created Coconino using a "freemouse" technique with Adobe Illustrator and sees his work as "computer calligraphy which allows for a specific directness and immediacy in notation." The strokes of this font are simple and abrupt with a studied irregularity. The forms can look either cheerful and lighthearted or chaotic and subtly disturbing. Coconino was named for the home of hte Krazy KAt comics and even includes a few additional characters from the strip."
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Slobodan Miladinov

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