Goodies™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Anne Boskamp/2002
German designer Anne Boskamp created the Goodies font family in 2002. These two fonts, Goodies A and Goodies B, are both very illustrative, and their letterforms look similar to the drawings and paintings of Joan Miro. Using Goodies in your work adds a personal, sensitive creative touch. The design of the Goodies fonts lend it to use in larger point sizes, where the expressive quality of the line may be seen inside these elegant creations. Both fonts are included in the Take Type 5 collection from Linotype GmbH."

Goodies B


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Std / OT CFF

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21 idiomas.

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CFF - PostScript-Outlines
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Nombre del archivo: GoodiesLTStd-B.otf
Nombre del menú Windows: Goodies LT Std B
Nombre PostScript: GoodiesLTStd-B
Nombre PostScript completo: Goodies LT Std B
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