James Montalbano

American designer James Montalbano created the fonts ITC Freddo™ (1996), ITC Nora™ (1997) and ITC Orbon™ (1995).

ITC Freddo was inspired by a sign lettering manual from the 1930s. James Montalbano liked the character shapes illustrated in this manual but found many of the proportions odd. So he reinterpreted them to produce capitals and lower case letters which, according to today’s standards, better complement one another.

ITC Nora was designed by James Montalbano when he was on a 1930s sign-lettering kick, poring over showcard manuals to find inspiration for new typeface designs. A few letters led him to create this "informal, goofy" script, which falls between the many formal scripts and the completely extravagant. ITC Nora displays a free-flowing openness and elegance.

ITC Orbon was inspired in part by a demo of black letter calligraphy in which letters were created out of only four or five basic strokes. James Montalbano said: "I combined that idea with the notion of taking historical forms like German gothic blackletter and progressively paring them down to achieve a futuristic version, as if this old form naturally evolved over several hundred years to arrive at its post-modern incarnation." Text should be set in point sizes of 20 and higher for optimal legibility. ITC Orbon is a highly condensed typeface with unique, oblong shapes which are ideal for a number of display applications.

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