Saussa™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Patricia Roesch-Pothin/2008

Acerca de Saussa™ Familia tipográfica

Patricia Pothin-Roesch's Saussa typeface began life as brush-lettered artwork for fruit salad packaging in France. After the key letters had been painted, Patricia Pothin-Roesch switched to digital tools to create the final font. True to its roots, Saussa is a real advertising face, perfect for point-of-purchase displays. Even its name is consistent with its intended area of application: Saussa sounds a lot like the word “sauce.” Saussa is an informal script; its outstrokes function almost like serifs, and the capitals have a lowercase structure. The feelings this typeface conveys are due to the hand of its creator, Patricia Pothin-Roesch, an experienced brush-letterer.
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Noticias de fuentes: Tendria and Saussa
Diseñadores de fuentes: Patricia Roesch-Pothin



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