Fable Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Anton Scholtz
Fable Smooth is an elegant, hand-crafted typeface that evokes the magic of fantasy weddings, of castles and wizards, of dragons and dungeons. Among others it combines elements that are suggestive of Greek mythology, of runic scripts, of Scandinavian tales and of the stories of King Arthur. Difficult to categorise, Fable effectively combines features of uncial, calligraphic and script fonts. It will enhance the appearance of advertisements, wedding invitations, headlines and posters. It contains a full character set and is professionally letter-spaced and kerned.

Fable Smooth


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Nombre del archivo: Fable Smooth.ttf
Nombre del menú Windows: Fable
Nombre PostScript: Fable-Smooth
Nombre PostScript completo: Fable Smooth
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