Pouty Familia tipográfica

Michael Clark

With no art background, Michael left a banking career in 1980 at the age of 28. He begged for a job at a local “type house” where he trained in traditional darkroom techniques, Phototypositor, type specification/proofing and paste up. A year into the process he began to emulate the typeforms with a “calligraphy pen.” In 1982 he left to freelance. His current work includes logotype design, titling (for books, magazines and CDs), development of fonts for corporations, journal and book design as well as chasing his young son around his studio. Pouty, a light contemporary italic, which is accompanied by a large set of ligatures and alternate characters that add a touch of spice to an already elegant cursive. For his entire career as a commercial lettering artist, Michael Clark noticed that italic, and its limitless variants, is more utilitarian than other calligraphic styles. Pouty, named for his youngest daughter Jennifer, a sulky beauty, is one of his favorite variations.


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