Quick Type Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Gert Wiescher
QuickType is a typeface I designed for demonstration purposes. I used it to illustrate my first book about type design. It has crooked slab serifs and looks very much like a typewriter font. But in order to make things clear I had to overdo some curves and so QuickType turned out a very distinct typewriter typeface. Since those days I worked on the shapes from time to time, so it got better and I extended it to include several neccessary cuts. Now it is a full fledged very usable font.

Quick Type Sans

Quick Type

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Nombre del archivo: QuickType-Sans.bmap, QuickTypSan
Nombre del menú Windows: QuickType
Nombre PostScript: QuickType-Sans
Nombre PostScript completo: QuickType-Sans
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