Scriptissimo Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Gert Wiescher
Scriptissimo is as the name says very much of a script! It is in the best american tradition. A script that could have served writing the constitution with, if only they would have had computers at that time. Scriptissimo consists of three different scripts that are meant to be used together.Scriptissimo-Start is the version for characters to start a word with. Scriptissimo-Middle is the script with the more or less plain characters that belong in the body of the word. Scriptissimo-End is the cut that has the characters to end a word with. Ligatures is used for well ligatures and some glyphs like Ltd. GmbH and so on. Scriptissimo is a very elegant and versatile Script. It can be used for chocolate bars as well as stock certificates.

Scriptissimo Start


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Nombre del archivo: ScripSta, Scriptissimo-Start.bmap
Nombre del menú Windows: ScriptissimoStart
Nombre PostScript: Scriptissimo-Start
Nombre PostScript completo: Scriptissimo-Start
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