Eurostile® Candy Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Akira Kobayashi/2008
Aldo Novarese

Acerca de Eurostile® Candy Familia tipográfica

Eurostile Candy is a fun spinoff from Akira Kobayashi's Eurostile Next family. As the name implies, it is based on Eurostile but with many striking new features. Most obviously, the corners and joints have been rounded off to give it a more friendly and softer feel. On top of those changes, the main skeleton of many characters have been modified. Any extra strokes have been removed - such as in the a, s, or t - and joints have been simplified to create even more square shapes - like in the n and r. With these contemporary and futuristic-styled alterations, Eurostile Candy is a cool new design great for many display projects.
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Eurostile® Candy

Eurostile Candy

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