Arty Familia tipográfica

Acerca de Arty Familia tipográfica

This face is best described as energetic" perfect for distinctive display copy and memorable headlines. Arty combines cut-paper lettershapes with a hint of Ben Shahn's poster lettering, resulting in a design that has both vigor and individuality. Included are a host of ligatures and alternate characters.

Barbara Mendelsohn designed Arty as part of an assignment to create a graphic identity for an ongoing lecture series at Stanford University. She began her design career in high school, while she was "ostensibly taking notes, but, in reality, creating elaborate doodles and alphabets in the margins of my notebooks," she says. After a brief stint as a high school English teacher, Mendelsohn discovered the field of graphic design and the pleasures of making doodles for a living. Since that time, her work has won numerous illustration, design and typography awards."


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