Nami® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Adrian Frutiger/2006
Akira Kobayashi/2006

Acerca de Nami® Familia tipográfica

Nami, the Japanese word for wave," is the latest collaboration between Adrian Frutiger and Linotype's Type Director, Akira Kobayashi. This typeface family is the most humanistic sans serif design ever to come from Adrian Frutiger, and it has an interesting twist: lapidar alternates that may be surfed through with the help of OpenType-savy applications. Adrian Frutiger began the design that would blossom into Nami during the 1980s. Although it would not be produced during the 20th century, it was quite forward thinking. The typeface included several seemingly avant garde alternates; these were "lapidary" versions of common letterforms. Revisiting the project in 2006, Akira Kobayashi reworked the concept into a working family of three typefaces. Each font contains 483 glyphs, including 11 alternates-two extra forms of the lowercase g, as well as new forms for a, e, h, l, m, n, r, t, and u."
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