Comunicados de prensa de 1999

Busque aquí comunicados de prensa de 1999.

Los comunicados de prensa incluidos en esta sección cumplen una finalidad meramente histórica. La información de cada comunicado de prensa es precisa tan sólo hasta la fecha de publicación original. Linotype GmbH rechaza cualquier obligación de actualizar la información incluida en estos comunicados de prensa, después de su fecha de publicación.

Linotype settles infringement claim with GSP

Linotype Library has agreed to settle its claim against British publisher, GSP over trademark and copyright infringements.
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Mattel, Inc. and Linotype Library reach settlement over UK copyright claim

Mattel, Inc. (Mattel) and Linotype Library have agreed an out-of-court settlement over the claim that Mattel’s subsidiary, Mindscape, is infringing various Linotype copyrights in the UK.
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"okakura": Adrian Frutiger – TypoArchitecture

International Design Centre, Berlin, to show innovative exhibition of FHTW Berlin and Linotype Library products.
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"A Yahoo-System for Fonts"

Technology of [email protected]
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New media bring dynamic growth to typeface market – but typeface piracy mut be stopped!

Innovative E-Commerce solution for type and typography presented by Linotype Library.
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A new language is born: Linotype Facts of Life™

Creation of a symbolic language system as a font.
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Software piracy

Linotype Library stands up for its rights.
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typo[media] 2000: High-quality, professional information all about typography, design and the Internet

Professional congress to mark Gutenberg year at the Rheingold Conference Centre in Mainz from 21 to 23 June 2000.
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Free demo version

Download free PC/Mac Euro Money Sampler.
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Photo Alto

Get the picture quickly with Photo Alto.
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typo[media] 2000

Celebrating the Future of communication.
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IF Design Award

Linotype FontExplorer™ – New milestone set in worldwide product design.