Pueblo™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Jim Parkinson

Acerca de Pueblo™ Familia tipográfica

Like many of Jim Parkinson's alphabets, Pueblo began as poster lettering. It shows a range of influences: turn-of-the-century sign painting, old Speedball lettering books, and a touch of art nouveau.

While developing Pueblo, Parkinson debated whether to make the ends of the serifs rounded or square. Rounded looked more like the work of a Speedball lettering pen, but squared stroke endings made the letters more legible at small sizes. The finished design sports serifs that are just slightly rounded. According to Parkinson, the design feature is “enough to be noticed at large sizes, while going virtually unnoticed at smaller point sizes,” adding to the versatility of this distinctive typeface.
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Jim Parkinson



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