Ocean Sans® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Ong Chong Wah/1993

Acerca de Ocean Sans® Familia tipográfica

Released in 1993, Ocean Sans is a sans serif design created for Monotype by the talented Malaysian designer, Ong Chong Wah. The Ocean Sans font family has a distinct contrast between thick and thin strokes which sets it apart from the rather austere Grotesques with their more monotone appearance. Ocean Sans italic is an unusual design for a sans face, a strong cursive influence gives it a flowing rhythm not generally associated with sans serif italics. Ideal for text and display setting, the freshness of the Ocean Sans font family will give the user further scope in the design of catalogues, brochures, advertisements and flyers.
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Ong Chong Wah

Ocean Sans®

Ocean Sans

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