ITC Rastko™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por Olivera Stojadinovic/2001

Acerca de ITC Rastko™ Familia tipográfica

ITC Rastko began as a series of initial letters for a book of poetry. Serbian designer Olivera Stojadinovic had been working with a small publishing house creating a special series of books under the Masterpieces" brand. Her goal was to draw a new set of initial letters for each book. ITC Rastko, named after the Serbian poet Rastko Petrovic, was a project that required initial letters for the entire alphabet. Once Stojadinovic had drawn the majority of the capital letters, she realized that a companion lowercase would make a distinctive script typeface.

Sketches of the letters were drawn quickly with a pointed pen. Stojadinovic then refined these, keeping the spontaneous, hand-drawn quality. Capitals are wide and flourished, while the lowercase letters are more condensed and subdued. It's no surprise that the capitals also make great initial letters."
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Diseñadores de fuentes: Olivera Stojadinovic

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